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Linux Format Mailserver: Mono enthusiast

I posted an entry in December about an email I'd submitted to the Linux Format Magazine. See: Email to Linux Format on the Mono C# Tutorials.

The email has been published in this months magazine LXF90 March 2007. My email has been published almost complete (just a couple of sentences removed), and complete with an answer. Which is a sort of recommendation for Mono: A Developer's Notebook by Dubill and Bornstein.

Not quite a full recommendation as it's 2 years old and has a lack of detail and interesting projects, but the suggestion is that it's the closest to a good Mono programming book.

The good news is that Linux Format will be running the tutorials for a while, including some GUI programming. I'm not sure yet whether I'll buy the book, or just stick with the Linux Format tutorials, but I'm still wanting to have a go at Mono / C# programming so I'll see how it goes.

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