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New version of 2.0.4, and 6th Birthday

 Use OpenOffice.orgYesterday marked the 6th birthday of, the free office suite available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers. I've already praised the office suite on the blog, including the Get Legal - Get free office suite campaign.

I've downloaded and upgraded my Windows version, but not yet on my Linux computers. I've not had time to test it thoroughly yet, but it looks good so far. The Office Suite includes all the functionality you'd expect and much more than some alternatives. For example if you have the Microsoft Office Home Edition, then you may well want to get a copy of, either to replace it or run alongside as it will add the presentation application "Impress" and the Database "Base", of which the Microsoft equivalents are only available on the more expensive versions of Microsoft Office.

You can get completely free by downloading from Download Central, or cheaply buying a copy of the CD from distributers. You could even ask a friend to create a copy for you ask it's all allowed in the license. If anyone knows me then I'd be happy to let them have a copy from the CD images (although I'm unable to provide these by post).

Give a go, it's free so you've got nothing to lose.

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