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New Facebook comments feature on Watkissonline, First Aid Quiz and PenguinTutor blogs

I've added a new comment feature to my blogs on, and I've chosen to use the Facebook comment feature. If you have a Facebook account then you can add comments using your Facebook login and it means that the comments can be shared with friends on Facebook.

I've set-up the comments in such a way that where a blog entries exists on more than one site then they will share the same comments.

There are no additional privacy or security risks to your private information on Facebook as other than administering the comments (eg. to remove inappropriate content) I have no extra access in Facebook. All the comments are kept and served from the Facebook site.

I'll be posting details of how to add this feature to your own site in a future post. If you'd like to know when this is complete you can follow PenguinTutor Facebook page, Penguintutor Tweets or "Like" this comment to be notified by Facebook.