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Linux, Electronics and Raspberry Pi Projects

These are some books I've written, projects I've made, and tutorials designed. These are mostly based around Raspberry Pi, Linux or electronics.

Featured Project - NePixel LED Reaction Game

This is an electronics games where the aim is to hit the giant button when the centre LED is lit up. This features a NeoPixel strip with 44 LEDs, with the lit LED moving from one side to the other and back. It also includes an enclosure designed in FreeCAD suitable for 3D printing.

Books on Linux, Open Source and Electronics

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

These are some of the books I've been involved with.

Some are books I've written and for others I was the technical reviewer.

Includes some free books as well as some that are published and available to buy as eBook or printed books.


Robots and Robotics

Raspberry Pi Robots and Robotics - STS-Pi robot

Various projects based around robots and robotics. This includes the STS-Pi robot and my original Ruby Robot based around the Magician Chassis.


Maker Projects

PixelStrip / NeoPixel wireless server web application for the Raspberry Pi DJ, Disco and parties

These are maker projects. Many involve multiple aspects including electronics, programming and 3D design or construction of an enclosure.


Model Railway Projects

Garden model railway in gscale - LGB train

These projects are about creating items for model railways. These are based around either an outdoor G-Scale railway or an indoor OO railway. This includes track building (engineering), track electronics and automation, hardware, and programming of the various aspects.


3D models and 2D designs using Blender, TinkerCAD, FreeCAD and other CAD tools

Screen shot 3D model created in Blender on a Raspberry Pi

These are projects based around creating 3D models and 2D animations using design tools such as Blender (3D and 2D designs), TinkerCAD (beginners 3D models) and FreeCAD (advanced CAD design for enclosures etc.).

Includes suggestions for creating 3D models for game sprites or 3D printing.


Programming, including game programming for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Picade Desktop Arcade Machine

Projects which are primarily based around software programming. These are mainly games programming projects creating Raspberry Pi games in Pygame Zero, but also includes other programming projects.


Electronics Projects

7-segment display digital electronics project

These are primarily electronics based projects taken from the Learn Electronics section of this site. This includes projects based around the Raspberry Pi and Arduino as well as designing custom electronic circuits.


Software projects

Screen shot of Penguin Gallery in use on

These are software based projects designed to be installed and used a software rather than teaching programming.


Status and Updates

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