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wQuiz - Open Source (GPL) PHP based web quiz engine

The wQuiz program is a customisable program designed for running interactive quizzes over the Internet. The program was first designed for use on the web site, but has since been made updated to make it more flexible and made available to the public.

Screen shot of wquiz in use on

The quiz engine is written in PHP and designed for use on a Linux server with the Apache server, and a MySQL back-end. The quiz should work with other operating systems, web servers, and databases, but may need some changes tothe code.

The test system is based on Xubuntu Linux 13.10.

Version 0.4.1 is now available

Updated March 2014. This is a minor bug fix of some admin functions.

Upgrading from version 0.4.0

This is a minor upgrade from version 0.4.0. The new files will extract into a new directory name and should be copied over the existing files. There are no changes required to the database or configuration files. For upgrades from other versions please see the full documentation.


The documentation included in the archive file is in OpenDocument Format as used by LibreOffice. They are also made available here as PDF files.



This software is released under the GPL v3. The general principle is that you can use the software free of charge. You can also modify the source code, but any changes must also be released under the same license and be available for free.


These are some of the significant events in the development of the wQuiz program.