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Raspberry Pi PixelStrip / NeoPixel Gui program

Control program for light sequences for DJ, Disco and Outdoor parties

PixelStrip / NeoPixel GUI for Raspberry Pi v0.2

Although well supported by Raspberry Pi libraries there is no default graphical user interface for the PixelStrips / NeoPixels. This is a project that I first created in 2015 and have since updated to support the latest Python libraries. It provides a graphical user interface designed for use by DJs and for parties controlling strings of NeoPixels / WS2811 / WS2812 / WS281x lights.

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This video is part 2 see Neopixel part 1 for details of how to create an electronic circuit to control an RGB PixelStrip using a Raspberry Pi.

This program is to provide a graphical user interface for WS281x RGB LEDs, better known by the Adafruit brand name of NeoPixels. These are individually addressable multi-colour LEDs which can be connected together and controlled by a single pin on the Raspberry Pi. I've written about their use: Raspberry Pi or Arduino NeoPixels (Smart RGB LEDs with ws281x). I've given a talk and created a workshop around them at some Raspberry Pi birthday events Disco Lights and NeoPixels at the Raspberry Pi Birthdays.

The GUI is also used to control my pixel strip on my outdoor lighting at the front of my house at home.

Download the source code

Alternative Software - Web based PixelServer

Since creating this GUI application I have now created a web application, client server version called Pixel-Server. This provides additional functionality as well as making these available to remote computers and for use in home automation. I recommend you look at using this version for future deployments, especially where remote access would be beneficial.

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