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Free Ebooks for ebook readers

These sites all provide free Ebooks that you can download to view on a Ebook reader or on your PC. Some of these sites offer both free and pay-for ebooks so check before you download. You will also need to check that the book is in the correct format. The Kindle supports Mobi, pdf, html and text files, other EbookReaders may require other formats such as ePub format (used on Sony Ebook readers).

General free books

Self published books

Computing and technical books

Religious books

Other non-fiction


Other sites

Free Audiobooks

Audio books are usually available as MP3 files or as ogg files (open format without patent restrictions). These can be listened to on your PC, using a portable media player or the Kindle supports the MP3 format.

Willing to pay for Freedom?

This page links to sites offering books that are free as in beer, but not all are free as in freedom. DRM restricts what you can do with books that you downloaded and in many cases paid for. Why DRM is bad for users - links to pay for books available DRM free.