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Electronics and Raspberry Pi Halloween Projects

These are some of the Halloween Projects I've created.

Haunted House

A scary haunted house, using a Raspberry Pi, home automation, electronics and scary music.

Raspberry Pi Haunted House

Halloween Trick or Treat Trolley

Pimp up a Halloween Trick or Treat Trolley with this project based around a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect and lots of NeoPixels.

Halloween Trick or Treat trolley with PiZero2W and Arduino RP2040

Halloween Raspberry Pi RGB Matrix Display

Outdoor Halloween animation video on a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi MotionSensor Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin

My son's Motion Sensor based Light Up Pumpkin project

Halloween Motion Sensor Pumpkin

Coloured light-up pumpkins

Wizard of Oz Costume

A Wizard of Oz Costume with light-up bow tie.

Wizard of Oz costume using wearable electronics and a Pi Zero

Scary Pi-ano

A Makey Makey based touch Piano, programmed in Scratch.

Halloween Scary Pi-ano - musical piano with Makey Makey

Indoor Halloween Haunting

A motion sensor based flashing light sequence.

PIR based Halloween Lights