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Raspberry Pi Pico - A microcontroller from Raspberry Pi

There's a new microcontroller available but this one is from an unexpected manufacturer - Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi well known for their single board computers has now branched out into a micro-controller. This has been done in partnership with other micro-controller supplies such as Arduino, who are expected to release a board based around the same micro-controller integrated circuit later this year.

The board is known as a Raspberry Pi Pico and is based around their own custom microcontroller IC known as the RP2040. The microcontroller has 256kB of memory and 2MB of flash memory which doesn't sound a lot, but is quite reasonable for a low cost microcontroller.

Raspberry Pi Pico

The Pico can run code created in C++ or in MicroPython. The inclusion of MicroPython as a mainstream language is a game changer which is going to make microcontrollers more accessible to Python programmers.

The video goes through some details of the Pico and gives a basic tutorial on how to get up and running by installing the MicroPython interpreter onto the Pico and getting your first program up and running.

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