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Review of High School Musical photo cube

This is a fairly short review of the High School Musical photo cube. The reason for the review being quite short is that there is nothing good that I can think to write about it.

This is a photo viewer in the shape of a cube, with High School musical pictures on 3 sides, controls on the top and a digital photo viewer on the remaining visible side. In the display box the screen looked quite small, but acceptable at about 4cm which is the size of the pictures on 3 of the sides. However when opened it turned out that most of the photo viewer side is in fact an additional border and the visible area is actually only about 22mm which is tiny. It's barely enough to see let alone show off your photos.

The cube has a USB cable, but whereas most photo viewers appear to a computer as a USB disk drive making it easy to transfer photos, the High School Musical photo cube only works with the supplied software. It worked on Windows Vista, but makes not statement of whether it works with Windows 7. Unlike most digital picture frames this will not work on Linux.

With a shelf price of about £23 this is very expensive for such a small display. My advice is to ignore this and instead pay the same for a regular digital photo frame and add a few high school musical stickers. The stickers will look just as professional and the digital photo frame will be far more usable.