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Programming the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi single board computer for programming

The Raspberry Pi is a great computer to learn programming with. It includes the Raspberry Pi OS, which is based upon Debian Linux. It also includes lots of programming languages and tools included by default.

I've put together a number of guides for those wanting to learn programming on the Raspberry Pi. I've also written a book "Beginnng Game Programming with Pygame Zero".

Scratch on the Raspberry Pi

Scratch is a graphical block based programming language. It's designed for children as it allows them to learn programming.

See the following for more information.

Beginning Python

Python is a great language to learn programming. Many of the examples below are based around the Python programming language.

Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUI apps)

ROT13 encryption app created in Python guizero

GUI is short for graphical user interface, which describes applications that you run in a graphical environment, such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Applications which you typically interact with using a combination of keyboard and mouse, or through touch.

Creating Games, Animations and other programs in Pygame Zero

Beginning Game Programming with Pygame Zero

Pygame Zero provides an easy way to get started with games programming using the Python programming language.

I've written the book Beginning Game Programming with Pygame Zero (Apress).

I've also used the Pygame Zero language to create my own animations, along with a basic animation library PGZ Animation. This is something I have found useful for creating animations for my YouTube videos.

Programming for electronics with Raspberry Pi

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

The GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins on the Raspberry Pi make it ideal for interfacing with electronic components. It's one of the best ways of having a computer (rather than a microcontroller) interfacing with sensors and outputs.

I've written the book Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi (Apress).

More information

See my other programming guides at:

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