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Raspberry Pi Wireless Server for PixelStrips / NeoPixels

Control multicolour RGB lighting effects indoors and outdoors using Wi-Fi

Wireless Raspberry Pi PixelStrip / NeoPixel RGB colour LED strip for mood lighting and home automation

This is a pixel server project, controlling PixelStrips (NeoPixels) using a web server. This allows for control of RGB LEDs using a Raspberry Pi which can be accessed via a web browser on a computer or on a smartphone.

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PixelStrips, also known as NeoPixels and RGB LEDs are individually addressable multicoloured LEDs. They are usually controlled by WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B or otherwise referred to as WS281x integrated circuits. You can connect these directly to a Raspberry Pi GPIO, although these should normally be connected through a voltage level shifter. This is explained in my guide to using NeoPixels / WS2812B RGB LEDs with a Raspberry Pi.

Pixel Server

The aim of the pixelserver is to provide a graphical interface which can be accessed through a web browser and would allow direct requests which could be used in home automation. The interface is similar to the one use in the GUI application, but through a web browser using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. This interfaces with a Python application built around the Flask web development framework and Python WS281x libraries.

Web application interface for controlling pixelstrips / neopixels

Download Pixel Server (github)

The Pixel Server code is available to download from github at:

NeoPixel graphical interface (GUI)

I originally created a graphical interface for controlling the NeoPixels. The GUI was designed for use with Disco / Theatre Lighting and as such it works well if you want to control the NeoPixels directly on the Raspberry Pi it is connected to.

I also added and outdoor RGB Pixelstrip to my driveway. This is to provide lighting when returning home during the dark as well as a way to show appropriate lighting displays. Whilst you could control these manually and could access them from another computer using VNC the use of the GUI application means that it was not so useful for automation. So this is why I created this new client server version. The graphical application is still available, although future development is going to concentrate on this new server version instead.

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